How to get featured

How to get featured

To be considered for representation you will first need a professional voice over show-reel.

If you don’t have a show-reel we can help you get started – see Bubble to the right 🙂

Most gigs are TV commercials, corporate videos, telephone messages and documentary.

We also occasionally voice video game characters and animations.

Your show-reel should demonstrate your ability in at least one of these style, but ideally three or more.  If you don’t live in Central Scotland you should also tell us if you’re willing to travel and/or if you have your own studio or a studio partner that can record your voice professionally.

We will also need a short biography to inform casting agents about your native accent and any relevant work experience. A photograph is also important so customers can tell your gender and age at a glance.

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Disclaimer: although are the top rated site on Google for “Scottish voice over” there is never a guarantee of work. It’s a very competitive industry. A flexible, easy-going attitude will give you the best chance of securing work.


Get a professional show-reel for just £210

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If you’re already an experienced voice over professional, please send your show-reels, a short bio, and a picture to be considered for inclusion on the site. Please also include details of your location, and details of your own studio equipment if applicable. There is a one-off fee of £40 to create and host your page indefinitely. Sign up online »

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the opportunities further.  We are the best voice-over agency for Scottish voices.

Please note your page name will not be your real name. With the power of search engines we must protect our business.


A professional show-reel is the key to a successful career in voice over. It’s your shop window and without it you won’t be considered for the best projects. If you don’t have a show-reel you can either arrange an audition or book our show-reel production service.

An audition costs just £95 and is expected to last no longer than an hour. At the audition, we will ask you to read in a variety of styles e.g. narration, advertising, education and telephone messaging. After the audition we will tell you openly & honestly if we want to represent you.  We may also You may need further voice-over training and this is something we can help with.  If applicable we’ll also offer you the chance to invest further in your career by re-recording the best bits and mixing the voice-over professionally with music and sound effects to create a show-reel. If we don’t decide to represent you, we will still give you the audio for your own use.

If you’re already confident in your abilities we strongly recommend booking a show-reel. We’re much more likely to want to represent you and your chances of being selected by casting agents increase ten-fold.  Read more »

Novices – book an Audition using the PayPal button below.  We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time.