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To be considered for representation we need to review your voice over showreel. Don’t have a show-reel? We can help you get started – see Bubble to the right.


The show-reel should demonstrate your ability to voice anything from TV commercials & explainers; to corporate videos, telephone messages and documentary narrations. Video game characters and children’s educational reads are also considered. We also need a short biography to inform casting agents about your native accent and any relevant work experience. A photograph is important so people can tell your gender and age at a glance.

If you’re ready to send us everything:

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Disclaimer: although are the top rated site on Google for “Scottish voice over” there is no guarantee of work. It’s a competitive industry. A high-quality showreel, talent and a flexible, easy-going attitude will give you the best chance of securing work. Your page name will not be your real name. With the power of search engines we must protect our business.


Professional voice-over showreel – £249

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If you’re already an experienced voice over professional, please send your show-reel, a short bio, and a picture. Please also include details of your location, and whether you have a home studio or not.

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Showreel refresh? As a pro you also know the importance of frequently updating your showreel to reflect your voice accurately and to highlight more recent projects. A new reel also gives you something to shout about on social media and grow your audience. It’s a small investment that can pay dividends. We can remix showreels with supplied audio clips from £95 for a 2 minute reel. We’ll also throw in a YouTube & Instagram reel for FREE. Email your demos to to request a quote.


As a novice you may not feel ready to invest in a professional show-reel. If you want more information about the business and how it works we offer a 121 consultation. A 60 minute consultation (done by phone) costs £95.

On the call you will speak to a senior voice over producer about the VO industry and how to get started. It may sound expensive, but we only offer this to people who are serious about a career in voice over. The head start we give is more than worth the ticket price. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the industry, where you fit into it and what you need to do for success.

If you’re already confident in your acting or vocal abilities we strongly recommend booking a show-reel.

Novices – book a Consultation using the PayPal button below.  We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time.