Vaude web video

We cast the perfect narrator for this stunning web video created by Vaude, a family-owned Mountain Sports equipment manufacturer based in Germany. Our voice does an excellent job of evoking the experience of exploring Scotland, check it out below.

Scotland – mother of bagpipes, Nessie, and the Highlands – is going to be the temporary home for our climbers when they set out for the ultimate outdoor adventure on the rugged Scottish coast. Sailing on the grand beauty that is the Eda Frandsen, the travellers await the landing at the southern tip of the Outer Hebrides with curious anticipation. The monumental arch architecture on the cliffs of Pabbay take their breath away: 150 meters of vertical rock! They enter the island as if there were myteries to explore and set out to climb the coastline that plunges abruptly into the sea. Wherever they conquer the cliffs of the Outer Hebrides, they are greeted by theatrical views of the breathtaking Scottish countryside, making this outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience.

Scottish Voice Overs

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