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Video content is exploding on the web and if you need to reach a global audience it’s important you have a video translation partner that’s competitively priced and delivers the highest quality.  We’d highly recommend you contact Matinée Multilingual for a quote.  We’ve recommended their services to countless customers and they always deliver on time and in budget.

Watch their short promo to learn more:

They take your existing video content and re-version in 80+ languages.  They have a fully managed production service and you’ll get a dedicated project manager and account manager.  They’ll even review your video files and give their recommendations before starting work.  All at a very fair price.

Services they offer include: TranscriptionTranslationsVoice-OverSubtitlingAudio Descriptions & Video Editing.

Please check out some excellent examples of their work on the following pages.

They can help with IVR voice prompt recordingsdubbing & narrationse-Learning & education and of course character & computer game voices.



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