What Can a Scottish Accent Do for Your Brand?

What Can a Scottish Accent Do for Your Brand?

Cultivating a unique sound will enhance your brand’s identity

Just like the other senses, sound is compelling, informational, and taps into our emotions with ease. You already know the importance of visual branding, but are you really making the most of how your business sounds?

Sonic branding can be as simple as a button tone or as complex as an IVR menu, but both will trigger a response from the listener. This may be the confidence in knowing they have selected their choice on the keypad or understanding that your company is the best fit for them due to the emotions that a voice will evoke through specific sounds, like the Scottish accent.

Developing the audio brand of your business can be a complex process with a lot to consider, but we have one simple question for you – does your brand sound Scottish enough?

The importance of sonic branding

The sound of your brand can be heard in many mediums, from the rhymes and jingles of your logo to telephone customer service and IVR menus. This also includes the narration used in promo and explainer videos. Every time your business communicates with a customer through sound, your sonic branding strategy, or lack thereof, is then in play.

The crucial benefit of sonic branding is differentiating your business from your competitors. You wouldn’t want your logo to look the same as theirs, so why would you want your businesses to sound the same?

Utilising sound in your brand will also allow you to leave a more substantial, lasting impression and keep your brand consistent through multiple platforms. Think about the “BA DA BA BA BA, I’m Lovin It” of McDonald’s’ sonic branding. Not only do they actively tell the customer that they like the product at the end of any communication, but when you hear the “BA DA BA BA BA,” you can’t help but complete the sentence, promoting engagement with the brand.

Now, how about sonic branding with a Scottish accent?

Scottish accents:

While any accent will likely come with positive and negative connotations, the Scottish accent is globally popular. However, the way that a Scottish accent evokes an emotion or response is different between a genuine local and a distant admirer.

Scottish accents for Scottish people

As more and more brands reach for globalisation in the modern world, the importance of branding around your country of origin has increased exponentially. It provides a sense of identity.

There is no more prominent Scottish example of this than Irn Bru’s immensely successful advertising campaigns. Promoting a product to Scottish people using Scottish voices has been the key to this success, and the controversial adverts now hold an iconic value in our culture. In fact, Scotland is one of the very few countries where Coca-Cola is not the most sold carbonated drink, and this all comes down to branding.

While we can see this in Irn Bru’s success, we can also see it in their failures. The recent decision to create an Irn Bru advert with an American cast has disappointed Scottish fans. This is likely to increase sales in America, but it doesn’t have the same appeal in Scotland as when the voices were Scottish.

Scottish accents internationally

Scottishness is also an international top-seller. When heard abroad, it’s all about the connotations of the accent. The Scottish accent is especially popular in countries with local roots, such as America, Canada, and Australia. It holds a romanticised notion of heritage and belonging, which can go a long way in selling authenticity and quality.

The accent itself evokes specific positive judgments. If you have ever wondered why so many call centres for global brands are based in Scotland, there is a reason for this. Our accent suggests that we are trustworthy and competent, which benefits the long-term image of your brand. It is also said to have a classless quality, connecting with people regardless of their social standing. This means a message in a Scottish accent will be influential to a more significant portion of customers.


Ultimately, Scottishness sells.

Whether you’re trying to brand your company within Scotland or further afield, a Scottish accent will provide plenty of positive traits in your branding campaign. Sonic branding is all about evoking emotion and responses through sound, and the Scottish accent is known for precisely this quality. Combining these positive traits with the sound of your brand will create a stronger impression fuelled by trust and authenticity.


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